EV Chargers

Wallbox Copper 22kw

Wallbox Copper 22kw


Additional information

Power supply

AC 220V




Type 2 (Wire not included)


260 x 192 x 113 (mm)


2 kg


IK10, IP54

working temperature

From -25 ºC to 40 ºC

Max. charging power

7.4 kW (1 phase), 22 kW (3 phase)

Rated AC voltage

400 V

Rated current

32 A

Output current

6 A to rated current


3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

User Identification

MyWallbox App, RFID


MyWallbox Portal, Wallbox App

Application protocol

MyWallbox, OCPP 1.6




Compact and resistant

Its great-looking design achieves an IK10 rating certification, making it ideal for exterior environments.

Easy to install

Its clipping system and easy handling allow for effortless and fast deployment of multiple charging points.


A high charger uptime is achieved with the remote operation tools in myWallbox platform and its multiple connectivity options.


Its socket allows charging for any EV. The cable locking feature allows to alternate between socket and tethered charger to suit every need.

Flexibility that fits your needs

Copper SB allows for endless possibilities thanks to the right combination of hardware and software features:

Flexibility In terms of Hardware...


Compatible with Type 1 and Type 2 EVs. The charging cable can be locked/unlocked via myWallbox, as well as via OCPP.

Durable & Reliable

Certified water and dust resistance with IP54 and IK10 protection ratings

RFID card reader

Compatible with your employee’s company cards and major mobility provider cards.

Connectivity options

Copper SB is always connected, thanks to Wi-Fi, Ethernet , 4G connectivity or Bluetooth.

Flexibility In terms of Software...

Dynamic Load Management

Reduce installation costs and the need for power upgrades, thanks to its dynamic load management solution Dynamic Power Sharing.

Remote operation

The myWallbox Charge Point Operation tools allow you to set up and operate Copper SB remotely, maximizing its uptime.

Automated payment methods

Pay per charge:
Enables single time payments for sporadic/non-recurrent visitors

Pay per month:
Activates monthly payments for recurrent users

Compatible with myWallbox & OCPP platforms

Connect Copper SB to any charging software platform to monitor energy consumption and manage access permissions.

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