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Sintronic E&M consists of front-line technicians, engineers, and quantity surveyors. We are very focused on teamwork, people-oriented, sustainable development-based, with the core spirit of building a construction team.

In addition to paying attention to the technical development of employees, we also pay attention to the work spirit of employees. We provide a complete internal training system, with the "master-apprenticeship" training plan as the core of the training, inheriting craftsmanship, continuing the craftsmanship, and developing sustainable professional development for young employees, in order to train aspiring to the industry and society Problem-solving professionals.

In addition to regular internal training, the company also provides internal assessments for colleagues with sufficient experience to help employees obtain various engineering societies and government licenses.

Successful group of business people and engineers with join hands at outdoor in the city.

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Services Technician (AC)

General Duty:

Knowledge of various brands of air conditioners, ability to solve problems, perform maintenance and inspection, replace parts, install, refill snow, correct problems and find problems, etc.

Need to report the progress and status of maintenance to the maintenance engineer

Required to carry out field work as required by the company


5 years or more experience in air conditioner maintenance

Hold a diploma from the Engineering Vocational Training Council and related engineering disciplines

Must be able to work independently, be responsible, proactive and patient in answering customer questions

Must be able to use computer

Preference will be given to those who have a vehicle license plate (1 2)

Preference will be given to those who have a valid electric license plate A0

Services Supervisor (Central AC)

General Duty:

Responsible for leading the maintenance team in general operation, repair and maintenance, conducting daily monitoring and plant room inspections. Including the actual maintenance of centrifugal pumps, refrigeration units and ventilators of central chilled water system

Responsible for supervising, managing, and scheduling daily work for the team to perform operation and maintenance tasks according to the work schedule

Experience in handling emergency situations, such as restoring water supply and electricity supply in emergency situations


At least 5 years of experience in air conditioning / electrical / water pump room maintenance or related work experience

3 years of which at least at Senior Technician level

Higher diploma or higher in engineering or related qualifications

Must hold a valid electrical license B0 / C0

Assistant Supervisor may be considered for those with less experience. Preference will be given to those with management experience and seawater cooling system experience.

Shift work is required (8 hours per shift)

Technician Apprentice (AC)

General Duty:

Assist maintenance team in general operation, repair and maintenance work, daily monitoring and plant room inspection. Including the actual maintenance of centrifugal pumps, refrigeration units, and ventilators of the central chilled water system

Assist technical team to complete operation and maintenance tasks

To report the progress and status of maintenance directly to the maintenance supervisor on a regular basis


1 year or more full-time working experience

Diploma in Secondary School, Yi Jin Diploma, Diploma in Secondary School / VTC, related disciplines

Responsible and enthusiastic about maintenance work

Interested in pursuing further education

Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

Shift work (8 hours per shift) as required by the company

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