D.C Charging Station

Our EV Charger Product For Commercial User

Sintronic is the distributor of three major European brands
and will be partnering with a Chinese manufacturer to
produce its own charging equipment in 2022 to provide EV
owners with a comprehensive, reliable and economical
charging equipment product. Our brands include :

Wallbox Charger

EO Charger

Telto Charger

Sintronic Box

All chargers sold through our company are covered by a
one-year warranty. Our service team is fast and
professional, providing charger troubleshooting service
and following up on problems within 24 hours, providing
fast and reliable service to EV owners. Once the order is
confirmed online, we will ship the charger within 2 – 3
working days if the goods are in stock, so you only need to
wait for the charger to arrive at home.