WR2 Low voltage electrical inspection service

Periodic testing of fixed electrical equipment

Under the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations, owners of electrical equipment are required to arrange for regular inspection, testing and certification of their electrical installations. Offenders will not only be prosecuted, but may also cause fires and electrical failures, posing a risk to public safety. Fixed electrical installations in general residential or commercial premises with a permitted load exceeding 100 amps must be inspected, tested and certified at least once every five years. The Certificate of Periodic Test (Form WR2) shall be submitted to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department for endorsement. Please note that electrical works (including inspection, maintenance, repair, etc.) must be carried out by a registered electrical contractor.


General power supply cabinet maintenance.

Provide manpower, tools, equipment and low voltage switchgear outage services to facilitate maintenance, testing and repair. Maintenance includes visual inspection of the surface condition and surface cleanliness of electrical installations, and switching capability of switches. Testing includes COP 21 (Power Circuit Regulation) for continuity & insulation testing of switches, as well as continuity testing of cabinets, insulation testing, secondary injection testing, ground loop impedance testing & functional testing. Provide electrical equipment defect & damage quotation, and repair manpower.

MCB Board inspection and maintenance

To comply with electrical regulations, we provide general electrical box & circuit inspection and testing for schools, commercial units, residences, factories and hazardous warehouses, phase color labeling of electrical appliances, updating of circuit diagrams, identification of final circuits (lights, plugs, ventilation and air conditioning).

MCB Circuit breakers for DIN rail

Enquiry and Service

Our company provides WR2 document handling, equipment inspection, document submission and pick-up services. In case of technical difficulties, we will provide free technical consultation.