Consultant Services

Lift replacement consultancy service

Lifts have become the most common means of transportation for Hong Kong people. Due to frequent use, lift parts inevitably wear out and cause different safety hazards. It is the legal responsibility of the building manager and lift owner to ensure the safety of lift operation.


Proper maintenance and repair are essential.


There are more than 70,000 lifts in Hong Kong and more than 30 registered lift engineering companies, which were installed and commissioned in different eras. The requirements of the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance. Professional maintenance and regular inspection to renew and improve the function of existing lifts is an effective way to ensure safe operation.


Centron's team of engineers can provide professional consultancy services to ensure the quality of lifts and their contractors are in compliance with the current legislation and at a reasonable cost.


We will assist our clients to apply for the Hong Kong Government's "Lift Enhancement Grant Scheme" to achieve cost savings for our clients while maintaining the safety and operational efficiency of the lifts.